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Addresses the need for low-level tactical units for the ability to investigate activities within their area of ​​interest and influence. Systems in this category will be easy to start, operate, and recover. They will require minimal labor, training and logistics, also relatively cheap.


  • • The magic of taking off and landing vertically, also using short runways,

    • Optimized aerodynamics, with Junker flaperons, allows flights at low speeds and stable,

    • Wingtip vortex generators to minimize drills or spins, as well as to obtain high angles of attack for slow landings,

    • Wide fuselage made of composite material, allows to carry multiple loads (large load and stable),

    • POD of removable multimotors, for takeoffs and landings on the runway and increase in flight time,

    • IP43, allows to operate in drizzle (civil version)

    , IP44 all weather,

    • Elastic joints minimize structural damage from strong blows,

    • Versatility of takeoffs and landings on runways and / or unprepared terrain:

    • Takeoff: Vertical, with landing gear, * vertical amphibian.

    • Landing: Vertical, with landing gear, * amphibious, * parachute

    • Standard telemetry range 3km, optional 20km

    • Navigation lights,

    • Customization of colors,

    • Gasoline engine version, flight time 2 hours *

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