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Addresses the need for low-level tactical units for the ability to investigate activities within their area of ​​interest and influence. Systems in this category will be easy to start, operate, and recover. It supports Army divisions, including battalion and brigade groups and special forces, Navy and Air Force combatants, and Air and Marine Task Forces, meeting the need to cover enemy activities within a 150 kilometer range. .


Los Sistemas UAVs en esta categoría son más robustos y sofísticados, pueden llevar una variedad más amplia de cargas útiles, pueden consistir en más de un vehículo áereo y realizar más tipos de misiones que los sistemas de rango cercano y logística mínimas, también relativamente baratos.


  • • Super Stol, the magic of taking off and landing on short unprepared runways,

    • Optimized aerodynamics, with Junker flaperons, allows flights at low speeds and stable,

    • Wingtip vortex generators to minimize drills or spins, as well as to obtain high angles of attack for slow landings,

    • Wide fuselage made of composite material, allows to carry multiple loads,

    • IP43, allows to operate in drizzle (civil version), IP44 all weather military version,

    • Versatility of takeoffs and landings on runways and / or unprepared terrain:

    • Takeoff: With landing gear, * catapult, * amphibian, Vtol (optional)

    • Landing: With landing gear, * parachute, * amphibian, Vtol (optional)

    • Standard telemetry range 20km, optional 50 km and 100 km.,

    • Navigation lights,

    • Personalization of colors.