It supports Army divisions, including battalion and brigade groups and special forces, Navy and Air Force combatants, and Air and Marine Task Forces, meeting the need to cover enemy activities within a 150 kilometer range. .


UAV systems in this category are more robust and sophisticated, can carry a wider variety of payloads, can consist of more than one air vehicle, and perform more types of missions than close-range systems.


  • • Aircraft to extend duration and range,

    • Optimized aerodynamics,

    • Wingtip vortex generators to minimize drills or spins, as well as to obtain high angles of attack for slow landings,

    • Wide fuselage made of composite material, allows to carry multiple loads,

    • IP43, allows to operate in drizzle (civil version), IP44 all weather military version,

    • Versatility of takeoffs and landings on runways and / or unprepared terrain:

    • Takeoff: With landing gear, * catapult, * amphibian, * Vtol (optional)

    • Landing: With landing gear, * parachute, * amphibian, * Vtol (optional)

    • Standard telemetry range 20 km, optional 50 km, 100 km.,

    • Navigation lights,

    • Personalization of colors.